"How beautiful would it be to find someone who’s in love with your mind."


For once I would like to be courted. Be sent flowers just because my boy knows how happy I’ll be when I get them. Be called in the middle of the day simply to be told three little words. Have doors held open for me and jackets carefully draped around my shoulders. Be kissed gently on my forehead, with his arms wrapped tightly around me feeling like he’s never going to let me go. That’s what I want most of all. To feel like I’m never going to be let go.

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After being rejected

  • me: what's wrong with me why doesn't he like me I'm gonna be alone forever maybe I need to be thinner and prettier I'll never forget about him
  • but at the same time: man fuck him I'm a flawless bitch I can eat what I want I can wear what I want I just wanna go to yoga and drink with my girlfriends I don't have the time to cry over stupid ass boys
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